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Storage Devices

Description of products

Meeting the need for large-capacity hard disk drives with advanced technologies.

IM体育官网APPmagnetic disks installed in hard disk drives (hdds) are key devices for recording, playing and storing digital data.

we produce and supply high recording density 3.5-inch aluminum disks and 2.5-inch glass disks for mobile terminals. we also manufacture high-quality aluminum substrates for the aluminum disks, some of which are now on the market.

with the advancement of it, various information appliances and devices requiring high-speed processing of huge amounts of image data have been developed.and so the market for hdds is rapidly expanding, large-capacity magnetic disks are crucial in a ubiquitous society where people will use large volumes of information, images, music and games on a variety of information appliances and devices.

IM体育官网APPwe are manufacturing large-capacity magnetic disks using advanced technologies to meet such needs, thereby contributing to larger capacity and higher performance of our customer's product.

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