power conditioner system

Solar Inverters

Power Conditioner System

Power Conditioner System

IM体育官网APPfuji electric provides central type and string type solarinverters.

Single-line Diagram

On-line Diagram


Adoption of new IGBT and new circuit system

Fuji Electric commercialized the world’s first three-level module in which a new RB-IGBT * and an existing IGBT are integrated in one package.
Application of this new module to a new three-level conversion circuit enables a large reduction both in power loss and in the number of parts, resulting in high efficiency and low noise in the equipment.

* : rb-igbt: reverse blocking-insulated gate-bipolar transistor

New IGBT module

new igbt module

New three-level conversion circuit

IM体育官网APPnew three-level conversion circuit

Reduction of power loss

IM体育官网APPreduction of power loss

Highest efficiency 98.5%(DC 1,000 V product)

Compared to existing products, our new power conversion technology, which uses a new three-level conversion circuit in the new module, reduces switching loss in the IGBT device and also reduces filter loss by reducing to one half the harmonics in PWM waveform from the inverter. This results in the world highest efficiency of 98.8% (DC 1,000 V product).
We have also achieved EURO efficiency of 98.5% (DC 1,000 V product).

Outdoor type

Fuji Electric provides a substation type of PCS that can be installed outdoors.
A switchgear, a step-up transformer, and PCS can be provided together.
IM体育官网APP Optional fuses for a DC branch in the PCS can be equipped.

Standard FRT function

The fault ride through (FRT) function that is becoming essential in PCS for large-scale photovoltaic power generation is provided as a standard function.
Even if a three-phase or two-phase short circuit accident occurs in the system, the inverter can output three-phase current in a specified range to suppress power supply variations in the system.


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